Here’s what people are saying about our first title: iBardRomeo

Appazoogle – online review

“…you’ll instantly get a hip, youthful vibe. I think this is a fantastic example of an effective enhanced ebook, and I can see this app having serious potential with students.”

F.Murray Abraham

“. the clever witty commentary, as well as the use of pop culture references… will without doubt help young students to understand and enjoy the beauty… of Shakespeare’s plays. Congratulations to all who helped create this…It is refreshing to see such fresh and innovative ideas being developed for use in our schools.”
– F.Murray Abraham/Best Actor Academy Award Winner (Amadeus) and noted New York Shakespearean Actor

Kevin Newman

“This is the digital generation’s Shakespeare! A cultural experience that brings deeper meaning to the Bard’s words, enhanced by world-class performances and commentary. This is the most accessible Shakespeare ever!”

– Kevin Newman/Digital Evangelist -Bell Media Canada and former Global National/ABC News Anchor